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Myles Davis

Pearl, MS | Ewing’s Sarcoma

In August of 2017, Myles was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a form of bone and soft tissue cancer.


Since his diagnosis, Myles has undergone three surgeries to remove the cancer and many chemo treatments. The Davis’s credit Dr. Collier and the staff at Batson Children’s Hospital for walking them the entire process with care and compassion.


During his stays at the children’s hospital, you are most likely to find Myles either at the nurse’s station, play room or running the hall with his buddies. He enjoys playing to make his stays easier. Even when Myles is not feeling well, he makes the best of the situation by keeping a positive attitude.


Myles never let his cancer stop him. Even during treatment, he continued to play select baseball and just live as a normal kid.

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