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Mary Fraces Sutton

Monticello, MS | Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Mary Frances Sutton came to Batson Children’s Hospital from her hometown of Monticello after running a high fever and having abnormal blood counts. Mary Frances would soon be diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


Bryan and Allison Sutton credit their doctor, Anderson Collier, with keeping them calm and well informed on what the plan was to get their 12-year old daughter back healthy.


Since being diagnosed in November 2017, Mary Frances has had to stay in the hospital several times. She continues to visit the Children’s Cancer Clinic weekly to receive treatment. 


Mary Frances was recently voted Homecoming Queen at her Middle School.


Mary Frances has a smile that wouldn’t lead you to believe that anything is wrong with Mary Frances, but behind that smile is a fighter.

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