Journey Cummins

Kosciusko , MS | Wilm's Tumor

Ryan and Tara Cummins noticed that there wasn’t something right with their 8-month-old daughter,Journey, after she was experiencing abnormal stomach swelling. Journey would be taken to her local doctor where he referred her immediately to Batson Children’s Hospital where she would be diagnosed with stage III Wilms' tumor of her right kidney. A surgery was planned that week to remove the mass.


The doctors were able to remove the 2 ½ pound tumor along her right kidney. Doctors noticed during surgery that the tumor had ruptured and was spilling out onto other organs cleaning up what they could during the surgery. She soon would begin extensive radiation and chemo treatment for 8 months.


Journey always a happy little girl smiling and playing while also awaiting the arrival of her new baby sister, Ryann. Unfortunately, a new tumor had started growing. Doctors acted fast. She immediately had another surgery to remove the tumor. Doctors were able to remove a good portion of the tumor only leaving a piece of the tumor around Journey’s heart and aorta. Following this surgery she underwent an even more extensive chemo regimen. Her doctors at the Children’s Cancer Center collaborated with doctors at St. Jude Children’s Hospital where they were able to successfully remove the tumor from her heart and aorta.


Since surgery, Journey has been back several times getting check ups and CT Scans where they have been all CLEAR! Journey will continue to be monitored, but she is enjoying life to the fullest.


She is surrounded by a wonderful family who credit prayers and their doctors and staff. The family has made Jeremiah 29:11 their banner for Journey’s story. Journey is our hero- says mom and dad. We cannot wait to see what is in store for our miracle baby!