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Josh McIntosh

Madison, MS | Medulloblastoma

Out of the blue, Josh McIntosh started having excruciating headaches. His local pediatrician sent him to Batson Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer located in the cerebellum. Doctors told Josh’s mother, Peggy, that he would require immediate surgery. This news came on a day that Peggy will forever remember as the hardest day of her life.


Thankfully, after a successful surgery, Josh’s tumor was removed. While he will continue to receive chemotherapy for some time, Josh and his family are confident he will fully heal thanks in part to the watchful care of the doctors and staff at Batson Children’s Hospital.  


Josh loves any and all sports. In fact, when he’s at the children’s hospital, the television in his room stays on one channel: ESPN. He is also a huge fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Atlanta Falcons. 

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