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Jacob Partlow

Jackson, MS | Acute Lymphomic Leukemia

Jacob’s life changed drastically in 2009 when he began having nose bleeds, didn’t want to eat and was tired all the time. His mother, Olevia, decided it was time to make a trip to a Jackson hospital. When they arrived, doctors examined Jacob and transferred him immediately to Batson Children’s Hospital where doctors were waiting. That night they found out what was causing him to be so ill. A shocking 87% of his blood consisted of leukemia cells. He was immediately admitted to the pediatricintensive care unit for treatment and diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

After battling many physical complications during treatment, Jacob is now in remission and enjoying sports and martial arts with his friends. Most of all, Jacob loves meeting new people, young or old. It is rare to see Jacob when he’s not wearing some sort of red or blue in support of his favorite college, the University of Mississippi. Jacob also represented his home state in 2014 when he served as the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s Mississippi Champion. 

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